Thursday, July 14, 2011

Embrace Your Inner Highness

Ladies... If a Man as so much trys to touch up on you on the first date HE'S GOTTA GO! Point Blank Period, I don't care how cute he is or his status in life, walk out with your head held high because if he think's he can touch your tush or anywhere else that means he has tried his luck with every other women on the first date. He figures out of 1 of the 10 women  one of them is bound to let him go further.

PS. I Use The Term Man.. very loosley

Why Do I Say This?? I use to be one of those girls, who would let a man slide as maybe he made a "mistake"..maybe I gave off that sexual vibe. Girl puh-leaseee keep on telling yourself that and that is why there is so many pathetically FAILED attempts at a relationship with these "I thought we were close like that. Like i have known you somewhere before" type fools!  #Imjustsaying

Note: Men Chivarly is not DEAD


Pennys & Nickels

I throw pennys & nickels in the trash just in case some random person finds it and puts it to good use.
It's my way of being a superhero, you never know how that little nickel can affect some ones whole universe.

My first summer stuck in Brooklyn, me and Maggie had gathered up enough change to buy a honeybun at the dehli, that day I met my journey to something bigger than me.

As Maggie was making a tough desicion on which honeybun to buy between the glazed or the white cream on top, I stood in line behind a very tall dark and handsome man. All I knew that my heart was thumping telling me something important is about to take place here so pay attention. He turned around and asked me a question that would change my life forever... "Do you Model?"

At that moment time had stood still, I had let go of everything I have ever known. All my fears, doubts, and playing safe was slowely disaperring and as much as I would fight it my desires would conquer my fears. Desires that I shut out so long ago but woke up everyday with a void. Screaming in a room full of people but no matter how loud no one could hear me. Running in circles only to run into myself. Falling down an Abyss thinking there was no way out.  It was that day of many I would "wake up" and see the meaning of life

The tall dark and handsome man name turned out to be U'kno Tha Don but to me he will always be Jermaine My Brother.